vestar mini

Vestar Mini Series

The Vestar mini series is called a light fighter by fans for its excellent performance and super portability.

The new Vestar Mini still maintains a very competitive price on the premise of improving the performance of the skateboard.

If you like a skateboard that is easy to take away, does not take up space, and maintains the explosive power of a portable skateboard, then the vestar mini is your best choice!

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Vestar V3 bamboo Series

This board is Superman in tights!

It uses a one-piece all-metal shell with all-bamboo + fiberglass flex deck. It has both riding comfort and sturdiness.

The 10S3P high-rate battery and the professionally modified ESC by Hobbywing Technology have injected a cardiotonic agent into the two 5065 high-power motors. Super acceleration performance and smooth brakes make you confident in riding.

After combining strong power and battery life, the total weight is only 17.4lb/7.9kg.

If you need a lightweight electric skateboard in your daily commute, then you will need it!


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vestar V3 bamboo


vestar V3 bamboo 4wd

Vestar V3 bamboo 4WD Series

This board is crazy Paul's idea.

2 batteries,2 BSMs, 2 ESC controllers, and of course, crazy 1500W*4 D5065 belt motors! At only 25.8 lbs/11.7 kg, it is the lightest of all skateboards with four-wheel drive mode.

This is like adding BUFF to V3 bamboo, and everything has doubled its performance.

V3bamboo 4WD can choose 2 WD mode and 4 WD mode:

  1. when you use 4 WD mode, compared to V3 bamboo,you have 1500W*4 power output, 0-20 miles 3 seconds acceleration ability, 40% climbing ability , And the same maximum endurance of 20 miles;

  2. when you choose the 2 WD mode, the two sets of power work in turn, giving you an incredible 40-mile range.
    With these advantages, you only added 8 pounds of weight.

This board is a real superman!

When you ride him, you can easily surpass all other riders; or go farther than other riders. If you are interested in high-performance skateboarding and care about boards weight, it is your best choice!

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Vestar Black Hawk Series

The vestar black hawk series skateboards have powerful batteries and strong motor, combined with double-kingpin trucks and flexible decks.

so that black hawk have unparalleled flight performance and orientation ability, allowing you to climb as you want. cruising,carving and climbing mountain.

It makes your travel faster and farther, and everything becomes so easy!

The brand new Black Hawk is like a hunter flying high into the sky, you can do whatever you want.

Matching different wheels, you can cruising, carving, sliding and even dancing on the runway, you can also go to the grass, mountain road, hillside adventure.

In short, this is an all-round can flexibly change its usage scenarios, it has long battery life, strong power, and comfortable foot feel.

If you can only have one board, he it is definitely a good choice for you!

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vestar black hawk at2






VESTAR V3 Cruise


VESTAR V3 Bamboo


VESTAR V3 Bamboo 4WD




VESTAR V2 Pro Classic