Vestar board releas a kit to fit the cloud wheels

   Talking about the cloud wheel, there is a sensation in the electric skate board industry, whether it is from the appearance or the performance of customers are satisfied.The translucent design on the exterior and the shape of the wheel hub is a visually perfect experience and is truly beautiful.


    The size of the wheels is a little bit different from what we have on the market, 105 and 120mm in diameter.It is between PU wheel and AT wheel.Secondly, its hardness is only 78A, this hardness is very appropriate, so that the wheel skills riding off-road wheel comfort and can be not inferior to the PU wheel on the endurance, but can be very good shock absorption and anti-skid.The wheel was revolutionary in the world of electric skateboards.


     But after all, the wheel is only an accessory of our electric skateboard. There are so many manufacturers of electric skateboard in China, and each one uses different truck frames and other accessories.Wheels want to be promoted so that customers can easily change them. We must work hard on our truck frame to match drive gear, so as to achieve the best ratio of speed, torque and endurance.Cloud wheel boss send us sample soon, we test them quickly, our drive gear, motor mount and truck are mismatch, while our experience designer Paul deal with the design and modification, finally we design a set of motor mount and drive gear to match this kit, this kit is changed according to our original design, we want to attract new customers also want to retain the old customer service.So the kit we modified can be used in our previous electric riders.Whether it's a mini board or a longboard, AT board. The drive gear also can be used on the ABEC wheels. If any of our former customers want to experience the cloud wheel, they can buy such a kit and the cloud wheel to experience it now.We will also make the Cloud Wheel available on our website for customers to purchase.I'm sure you'll have a great experience.


    Cloud wheel company also recently launched the wheel hub tire skin version, we will continue to put on the shelves, I wish you a happy shopping experience!



    In the future, we will update the product from time to time. Please pay attention to our social media news. Thank you for your attention!




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