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The Features for the Vestar Mini

There are lots of feaures for the Vestar Mini, let me introduce them to you!


Deep Concave and Maple Deck

With a concave deck and a double kicktail, Vestar Mini can make tight turns so you can maneuver your way around quickly and easily. You can even Ollie with this nose kick.
vestarboard_electric skateboard_mini_deck

Super Power and Quiet

650W * 2 Ultra-High Power Ultra-High Torque belt Motors provide Vestar Mini with the torque and fast acceleration.
vestarboard_electric skateboard_mini_super power


 Take It With You

Vestar Mini is super portable. It's only 6.15kg/13.5lb, you can carry it under your arm, to the bus, subway - wherever you go, it can come with.
vestarboard_electric skateboard_mini

Good Range for City Commute

Even we call it Mini, it stills have 10-15mils Range (75kg rider, 30km/h speed on flat road) .
vestarboard_electric skateboard_mini

Metal Battery and ESC Case

The metal case is more solid and reliable, it is good for heat dissiapation.
vestarboard_electric skateboard_mini_case