The Features of Black Hawk Electric skateboard

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38'' Dual Motor 2*2000W Belt-Drive All-terrain (with adjustable belt tension)
One board, Two styles!!—you can ride in AT style or in Flat-Road style.
All Terrain electric skateboard vestar blackhawk 2in1




The AT board uses customize double layer truck with unique motor holder and belt case which are designed by ourselves. The motor holder has belt tension adjustment function . you can adjust the belt by yourself. The belt case is designed very flexible, it can be suitable for many size pully from 12T to 15T.
electric skateboard vestar blackhawk truck




The AT deck uses 2 Ply Bamboo and 7-Ply maple which is more flexible and stronger. It will provide you more comfortable riding experience and better shock absorbing
electric skateboard vestar blackhawk deck




ESC System
This ESC use double-drive sine waves which make smooth ride and the brake system is regenerative which can recovers energy when braking and reduces energy consumption.
electric skateboard vestar blackhawk ESC



Power System(Battery & Motor)
We use 10S5P battery which will provide more power and longer cruise. At the same time , we offer 6368 motor with 2000*2 very powerful!
all terrain electric skateboard vestar blackhawk BATTERY




Honeycomb wheels
Vestar 6.5" All Terrain Explosion-proof Tire, CNC Anodized Aluminum Wheel Hub, Easy Replaceable tire. We offer two colors to choose, you can choose one color on your board and you can choose two colors also just as you like.Very cool if your board has two different colors!
All terrain electric skateboard vestar blackhawk wheels





vestar blackhawk waterproof IP67
Each Vestarboard has been treated with Basic waterproof treatment both inside and outside.
Normally it could resist the splash of daily life.
Note: However. We should avoid water intake at power button and charging port.